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3.0 At Local Record Stores 

   Here they are! Hardcopies of the well received new EP are now available at all your favourite record stores around the city! Blackbyrd on Whyte, Freecloud Records, both Revolver locations and Artisan's Row are now carrying our cd.

   So if you need to plug something fresh and new in your player; something loud and rocking to cruise to in your car with, stop and pick up a copy of 3.0! The lyrics are printed in the sleeve. - If you're like us, reading along to the songs is part of the enjoyment of having a hardcopy in your hands. If you're modern-digital, click on the iTunes link above for our full discography.


Rise Up - Moonshiners to The Capitol 

   Starting their weekend with a show at Moonshiners, The Able Kind  had a rock'n'roll filled weekend road trip as being part of the Rise Up tour.

   Garret James showed his skills playing a great set on his acoustic guitar Friday night in Stony Plain. Our own Mike D had some solo time as did Belcher, both playing some of their own original tunes on their acoustics, as well.

   To start the TAK set, Garret joined the band onstage in doing the Neil Young rock'n'roll classic "Rockin' in the Free World". Everyone with a set of strings in their hands had a time soloing which had the crowd whooping with excitement! In celebration of the release of their new cd, TAK  played every track from the EP along with a few from each previous release. They played some unreleased tunes and the odd cover for their hour and a half set of eclectic rock'n'roll.

   After packing their gear, the band headed East toward Regina, stopping in Wainwright to get some z's and breakfast to fuel their journey.

   The trio arrived in downtown Regina at the venue early enough to have time to call home, tweak their set-list, set up and have a couple pints before show time. Azariah Paris (AZ) was welcoming, introducing the guys as they took the stage and rocked the unsuspecting crowd. - (The Capitol is a Blues/ Jazz club) AZ and his band shredded their blues as TAK  enjoyed the sweet melodies in the very cool/ hip establishment before heading on their all night sojourn back to Edmonton.

YEG Battle 

   YEG Music is currently in the midst of hosting their Compete With The Beat competition and we're in it. October 21st was the first round of elimination in the battle. There were seven bands filling the atmosphere at Moonshiners with sweet grooves and the crowd was diggin' it! Pool sharks in the back were making their shots as the bartenders were busy pouring theirs. The audience cheered on every band with the enthusiasm of comradery; the mood was welcoming.

   Every band did their thing and all sounded great, but there were only two that would move on to the finals; The Able Kind was on top as one of them.

   -Shout-out to YEG Music and Moonshiners for putting on the event (it was a great time), and especially to the talented local bands and the patrons who came out to support it! It was a hip night.

- we will be announcing the finals show once we have tickets available. In the meantime, check our "upcoming shows" link on the site and catch a TAK set before the holiday season.



   Check the Upcoming Shows section of the site, we are going to be busy until the new year. We will be posting dates and locations as they are confirmed.

   Hardcopies of the new record are in process... Artwork and printing of the new EP, 3.0 are in the works and will be available at some local record stores - and of course on our table at shows - once complete.

   If you cannot wait for your hardcopy, pick-up 3.0 digitally, now, at: iTunes (link at top of page), Google Play, Spotify and is also available on many other music download sites.

What's Up 

   The band has joined the YEG Music Battle of Bands! The Able Kind will be playing at Moonshiners in Stony Plain on October 21 in the battle's first round of elimination. Advance tickets will be announced once available.

   Songs from the new EP, 3.0, are available on some online stores and will be fully released once the process is complete. There are 5 tracks on the record, so check back with your online store if only part of it is currently up.

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