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   Check the Upcoming Shows section of the site, we are going to be busy until the new year. We will be posting dates and locations as they are confirmed.

   Hardcopies of the new record are in process... Artwork and printing of the new EP, 3.0 are in the works and will be available at some local record stores once complete.

   If you cannot wait for your hardcopy, pick-up 3.0 digitally, now, at: iTunes (link on bottom of page), Google Play, Spotify and is also available on many other download sites.

What's Up 

   The band has joined the YEG Music Battle of Bands! The Able Kind will be playing at Moonshiners in Stony Plain on October 21 in the battle's first round of elimination. Advance tickets will be announced once available.

   Songs from the new EP, 3.0, are available on some online stores and will be fully released once the process is complete. There are 5 tracks on the record, so check back with your online store if only part of it is currently up.

We Come From Garageland 

   We are running a "gofundme" page to help keep up with the costs of furthering our band. The Able Kind is more than a mere hobby of ours; it is very much a part of our lives and appreciated by others.

   As an independent band trying to step out of the garage, we are exploring avenues to support our passion and dream. This means finding ways to help cut the out-of-pocket cost of gas and food to tour and to record.

   - We are an independent group of musicians - not wealthy rockstars. Any help is appreciated.

Let there be Rock! 

Good news everyone!  

We have finished getting our new music ready and it will be available for purchase soon.  In the meantime please visit our music section and take a listen to two of our new tracks, "This Radio" and "The Snake".  The latter was co-written by our good friend Ben Hooke.  If you like the lyrics to the snake check out Hooke's Facebook page for up and coming shows and music.

Keep on Rockin' friends! 

EP Update 

   The three year studio wait is over! Well, the recording part, anyway.   

   The band worked hard through this past weekend laying the tracks to their newest EP. The Able Kind confidently delivers their sound on the 5 tracks holding true to the various influences that help the band be what it is. One particular song (Homage) pays tribute to those many bands our trio grew with, past and present. The list is too long to mention all. - An upbeat pulse carries the brunt of each track in what is sure to be an engaging release.



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